Just Cause 3 Review / Breakdown

Hi and welcome to the Just Cause 3 Breakdown / Review. It’s been a while since I posted and I am glad to be diving back into the world of gaming and in these posts I breakdown the games and give you my thoughts and feelings about the games after I have finished playing them.

When was It released

This game was announced on November 11, 2014, and was released December 1, 2015

Who Made The Game

Avalanche Studios is a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm with three studios that focuses on creating open-world games and was founded in March 2003 by Linus Blomberg and Christofer Sundberg. Avalanche Studios is best known for creating the Just Cause series and has worked on other titles like Mad Max and Generation Zero.

Square Enix is a Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company and the company’s full name is Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. They started doing business on September 22, 1975, and the company is valued 4,420 JPY. Square Enix was two different companies at the start. The first was called Square, and the other was called Enix. Both compies decided on a merger in 2000.

The company is best known for

  • Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
  • Life Is Strange
  • Dragon Quest 1, 2 & 3
  • Hitman

What Platform Is It On

This game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What Genre Is It In

Just Cause 3 is an open-world action-adventure game.

What Game Engine Does It Run

Just Cause 3 runs an improved version of the Avalanche Engine that was used in Just Cause 1 & 2

What’s The Story About

The story starts six years after the events of Just Cause 2, and you play as mercenary Rico Rodriguez who is returning to his home of Medici to find that his presence is needed because Medici has fallen under a dictatorship of General Sebastiano Di Ravello. Rico sets out to overthrow Ravello and becomes part of a resistance group led by Rico’s old friend Mario Frigo.

The Second ally that you meet in the game after saving Mario’s forces from being completely wiped out is Dimah al-Masri, the scientist who creates all your gadgets and weapons. Dimah tells you that Di Ravello has been mining a mineral that has remarkable properties called Bavarium, and he is going to use it to make almost indestructible tanks and other weapons.

After Rico manually manoeuvres a missile off course and sends it to Di Ravello’s command base on the southern islands. Ravello is not happy and orders a small fleet to go and kill Mario and Dimah, but Rico destroys the fleet and in the process meets two new allies, Annika and Teo.

Rosa Manuela then comes out of hiding when Di Ravello forces are beaten back and forms a government opposed to his regime. Dimah sacrifices herself and takes all the information about Bavarium enhanced weapons with her. After the big boss battle at the end Rosa becomes President and Medici becomes a free place once again.

What’s The Gameplay Like

The world size is 400 square miles which is comparable to Just Cause 2, and the gameplay is fun after i figured out what I needed to do to proceed and there is plenty of things that you can blow up and enough things to do to keep you happy if that’s your thing and the damage that you can take is hugely forgiving, and you almost have to be standing still to take any significant damage before you die. I found that after the first couple of missions, it becomes super repetitive and is a grind to free all the provinces by destroying the same structures over and over again.

The travelling in helicopters is slow and takes forever to get anywhere and is comparable to pulling teeth until you upgrade your helicopter to the military one with big missile pods on the side and then it speeds up a little. Driving in the game is ok, not great and if you pass through a checkpoint, you usually come out the other side with some new friends who just become annoying if you have a long way to travel. I found the best way to travel without to much hassle is by using the grapple in combination with the wingsuit and the parachute and you can get to most places with ease.

Weapons and gadgets and transport are abundant, and if you run out of ammo you can just call in supples without a hassle, and I never felt as if I was ever in danger of dying because of a lack of ammo or equipment and some people will like that support and over will not and want more of a challenge.

What Type Of Resources Are In The Game

In the game, there are no resources that you need to collect or produce to allow you to move forward in the game.

Equipment In The Game

UVK – 13 is a regular rocket launcher, it shoots a single rocket. Especially effective against light armoured combat vehicles.

Fire Leech RPG allows you to target few targets at which eight small rockets are then shot. This weapon is perfect against a larger group of enemies or medium-sized military vehicle or group.

CAPSTONE HYDRA is a launcher that allows you to fire five missiles at once. This weapon is excellent for eliminating helicopters and tanks. It makes destroying large objects in military bases much more manageable.

CS NEGOTIATOR It’s a regular grenade launcher, suitable for eliminating few enemies at once. It will also be useful when facing light armoured combat vehicles and when destroying ordinary military objects.

UPU-210 is a more powerful version of the earlier grenade launcher above. This launcher shoots six missiles at once. Due to this, it is very effective against combat vehicles and in destroying more substantial objects.

USV-45 SOKOL is a sniper rifle that allows you to take down targets from far away. This is the weapon of choice for situations when you cannot get to someplace, and you must eliminate the target/enemy from a distance.

CS110 ARCHANGEL is a more robust version of the sniper rifle above. It has a smaller recoil. It allows you to shoot from a long distance. This is a deadly weapon and perfect for destroying far away, medium-sized objects in cities or military bases.

There is a lot of transportation options for you to choose from like Planes, jets, helicopters and boats, these vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, and some are loaded with weapons and others are not.

The main pieces of equipment you will use in the game is the grapple, parachute and wingsuit.


I believe if you want to play this game again, there is replay value here and it will take you a while to complete it again, but I feel like after you have completed the game, there is no reason to go back and play it again because it’s a complete grind.

A Nice Little Feature

I say that the coolest little feature of this game is the way you call in supplies and it drops from the sky in a shipping container and bursts open. I wish all my packages arrived that way.

Difficulty levels

There are no difficulty settings in Just Cause 3, so everyone has to play on the same difficulty, but things do get harder towards the end of the game.

Enemy types

The Medici Military is your main enemy as you play through this game you will come to see all the different levels of the Military. The ranks start at Classe private and then progress to Sargent, Commandante
Classe tirators selectionate.

When you are just walking around exploring, the Medici Military have been given orders to respond to you with force. If they spot you, then the first wave usually is just a couple of hummers with a few men in each of them. If you destroy them, then they increase their alert level and start to send in tanks and helicopters and more men to try and attack you.

luckily the AI is dumb, and you can lose these guys pretty quickly without much effort or just stick around to keep the party going and have a little fun just remember your ammo is not unlimited and requesting a drop in the middle of a battle is sometimes harder then you think if you got guys always firing at you.

Is It Single-player Or Multiplayer

This game is a single-player game.

How Long Is The Game

The main story of the game will take about 17h 23m but if you are not in a rush and want to play the game till you get that 100% complete then you are looking at about 60h 47m.

How Much Is The Game

You can pick this game up from Amazon for £12.99 for Xbox one or £15.51 for PlayStation 4, or if you’re a PC gamer, it’s £9.99.

My Thoughts About The Game

Just Cause 3 is a game that is fun to play for a couple of hours but really takes some dedication if you want to complete it, with a lack of difficulty options and almost god-like abilities to resist damage getting shot by a rocket is not dangerous it just becomes annoying when it tosses you around the map. On the whole, I think that it’s not a bad game I personally didn’t like the game towards the end because it just needs something to break up that relentlessness of doing the same thing over and over again to free your people. But if you have a couple of hours to kill and are looking for a lot of mindless destruction then take Just Cause 3 for a spin just don’t get your hopes up. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT JUST CAUSE 3

Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Review / Breakdown

So I recently Completed Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor because it’s on the games pass. The games Initial release date was the 30th of September 2014. Shadow of Mordor is an open world action-adventure game with an excellent free-flowing combat system.

So at the moment, the Xbox games pass is helping me catch up with the games I have missed out on over the years. So this is not the only game from the games pass I will be talking about on here. So without any more of my rambling, that’s get to it.

Shadow of Mordor Logo

Who Are The Publishers And Developers of Shadow Of Mordor?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Is the video game division part of warner bros. A company that has been going over 96 years. If you haven’t heard of them where have you been?

Monolith Productions was founded in October 1994 by Brian Goble, Bryan Bouwman, Garrett Price, Paul Renault, Toby Gladwell, Brian Waite, and Jace Hall and is now a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and is known for games like The F.E.A.R series and The Matrix online.

Feral Interactive is a video games developer and publisher for macOS, Linux, and iOS platforms. It was founded in 1996 and is based in London, UK. And handles a lot more of the pc side of things developing and publishing ports of games like the Total war series, Batman: Arkham, Tomb Raider and Xcom: Enemy Unknown.

What Platforms Can I Play It On?

All major platform like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, macOS.

Genre(s) Action-adventure, hack and slash.

What Game Engine Does It Run On?

The game runs the LithTech game engine that was developed by Monolith Productions and has been the basis for several first-person shooter games.

The LithTech engine was made for Microsoft initially, and then Monolith then purchased the rights for themselves and then licensed it to other developers. After the release of Shadow of Mordor Monolith started working on a new type of game engine still based on the LithTech engine for more substantial scale battles and they named it: LithTech: Firebird.

Talion fallen Ranger

What’s The Story About?

You play as the Captain of Gondor, Talion, a former ranger stationed at the Black Gate Of Mordor and are set on a path of revenge after your wife and son are killed in front of you by Saurons Uruks. The game fits in the 60-year gap between the hobbit and the lord of the rings and full of Lord of the Rings lore and makes great use of Gollum. After dying at the hand of the Uruks, You are then merged with a wraith called Celebrimbor who was an elf before becoming a wraith and who ultimately assisted Sauron in forging the One Ring and are spared from death and given wraith powers to exact your revenge.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

The gameplay for Shadow of Mordor is excellent and responsive, and fighting feels amazing just like fighting in the Batman: Arkham games. You can choose to sneak around in the game, and take out enemy’s with stealthy precision or run in and take on the hordes of Uruks waiting for you. The good thing about combat in this game is your never locked into an animation, and every time you press the button to block an incoming attack, it says “No Problem.” and the gory decapitation and stabbing animations are great, and you can feel it.

The Nemesis System
The Nemesis System

The Nemesis system
Is by far the best enemy system I have seen in a game. When an Uruk or a captain kills you, they advance in rank and power and say different things to you depending on if they have killed you before it makes dying mean something and not just waiting for the checkpoint to reload so that you can try it again. The internal power struggle between all Uruks on all levels keeps things fresh but doesn’t happen in reel time but be careful not to die to the same Uruk to many times; otherwise, you will promote him to a high rank. He will then be much harder to defeat, and you will have to leave him alone until the end of the game when you are more powerful and take him out then, I’m speaking from experience.

But one downside of the game is that there is a lot of the same killing Uruk after Uruk and then just collecting stuff towards the end of the game it was a grind to keep playing so that I could complete it. The combat is hard at the beginning, and you feel really underpowered, and you can die quickly if you’re not paying attention to your health. After you unlock a few upgrades fights to start to swing more in your favour and make no mistake, the upgrades are needed and make it much more comfortable to get your sword out and defeat a few Uruks and not hide behind your bow with limited elf shot.

The ability to zip around the map after unlocking the lethal shadow strike ability was an excellent way to move around the world, and I think by far it was my favourite ability in the game. Being able to brand Uruks and get them to fight on your side was a cool mechanic in the game but was not always possible with lots of Uruks around you but trying to turn every one to your team was great fun.

Having the ability to drain the Uruks so that you can recharge your elf shot was a nice touch, and it turns any Uruks you see into a potential elf shot resource and after unlocking the ability to drain while you were in combat made it so much easier to take out enemies that were shooting you from afar.

Resources In The Game

Every time you level up, you get “Ability Points.” which is the game’s currency, and you can spend these points on unlocking upgrades for your character.

There are also herbs that you can pick up to heal you, but you can’t store them on your player for later. By picking up, all the herbs in the world you will also be completing the survival challenges.

Elf Shot is an ability in the game and gives you a limited number of arrows you can fire at the start, but by using the drain ability, it made me look at Uruks more as a resource than an enemy.

The drain ability


Once you have completed this game and done all the side missions. I don’t see a reason to come back and play the game again. In the beginning, it’s fun and at the end your super powerful but if enough Uruks get a couple of good shots in you will die just as quick as you do at the start of the game.

A Nice Little Feature

In this part, I pick out a feature that I liked. I think The Nemesis System was the star of this game and made the game feel more dynamic. Because without this I think the game would have been monotonous and mega repetitive more than it already is.

Difficulty Levels

There is no difficulty that you can set for yourself. I would say it is set to hard because the combat is a thing that punishes you for not being on top of your upgrades and using the right runes to get the best of the things you have and the poison is annoying until you unlock the ability resist poison attacks. Some characters are much harder to take down than others because they are resistant to all type of attacks so finding a way to kill them was a challenge at times but made me use my brain and give me that sweet feeling of accomplishment.

Equipment In the Game

There is not a vast amount of weapons for you to choose from in Shadow Of Mordor. You have your sword, a spirit bow and arrows and throwing daggers. That’s it. I didn’t feel like you needed more weapons because everyone you face is vulnerable one type of attack you are capable of but would have been nice to use something different later on in the game. As you progress in the story and level up, the new ability’s for these weapons unlock, but you don’t get any new weapons you can use the weapons you already have in different ways, work with what you got I guess.

There are a set of runes for each of the three weapons you possess and gives each weapon buffs and depending on the way you kill your nemeses will affect what type of rune that will be dropped. Explore the enemies weaknesses will result in a different rune drop so, for example, Kill an Uruk captain that has a weakness towards your ranged attacks you get a range related rune. You can also combine runes to make you more powerful.

Epic runes
These epic runes are remarkably powerful, and you get them from Uruk Warchiefs or Captains, but there is a list of things you need to do before they drop them, here we go:

  1. Talion must first dominate an Uruk
  2. Then force the Uruk to deliver a death threat to a captain
  3. kill the Captains bodyguards.
  4. kill the Captain, and there is a chance you will get an Epic Rune drop from him.

The way to get an Epic Rune drop from a Warchief

  1. Dominate an Uruk Captain
  2. Use Uruk Captain to send a death threat to Warchief
  3. kill Warchiefs bodyguards
  4. Kill Warcheif more of a chance of an Epic Rune drop

You are more likely to get an Epic Rune drop of a Warchief than a Captain and if the Warchief or Captain has killed you before it increases the chances as well.

There Are Certain Runes That you can only get by either:

  1. Pre-ordering the game.
  2. Completing DLC Orc Warband missions.
  3. Having a WBID account.
  4. buying the Steam Game of the Year edition

Enemy Types

In order of rank, you get the:

Normal Uruks: which are your regular foot soldiers and gets bossed around by the bigger Uruk captains.

Uruk Captains: Keeps the smaller Uruks inline and try’s to outdo other captains through recruitment, duels, feasts and hunts or full-on attacks on other captains to try and increase there rank and power over all the over captains and ultimately become a Warchief.

These are the most powerful unit in the Uruks army and typically have Uruk captain’s as the personal bodyguards once you defeat or brand and turn the warchiefs to your side and then use them to attack other warchiefs is a fun thing to do but also challenging.

There are other creatures in the world that you can run into such as a Drake, Caragors, Ghûls, Graug, Caragath, Morgai Flies and Fell Beast.

upgrades menu

Your Character

In total, you get to unlock 39 upgrades for your character 18 of them are ranger skills and abilities and 21 are a wraith. So by the end of the game, your capabilities and choices to move around the world and defeat your foes are numerous from when you first started, and I think the upgrades come at the right time and make you feel like they make a difference when you unlock them. Because there are some missions that without the upgrades I don’t think I would have been able to complete.

I felt for Talion when they killed his wife an son in front of him at the start of the game it’s gripping and got me hooked straight away. I felt invested in the character from the beginning, and when a game can do that, it’s a great start.


This game is only singleplayer and does not have a multiplayer option, but it does have a tiny bit of multiplayer. If you are online and your friend is connected as well, and you are both playing the game, and you get killed an icon appears on your friends map where you will be able to avenge your friend’s death and murder the Uruk that killed them.

How Long Is it?

The games run time is about 25 hours with the story and side missions, but people on steam are saying they have put in far more time than that into the game with some people putting in 100 + hours.


How Much Is the Game?

Well, Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor came out in 2014, so the price of it now in 2019 is not going to break the bank, and you can pick up on Amazon for £5.99 on the PC, £18.70 for PS4 and £17.99 for Xbox One. Or do what I did and brought the Xbox games pass and get it from there.

My Thoughts About The Game

I thought this game overall was terrific and was a great experience and I spent many hours playing this game it was addictive, and now it’s over, and I’m glad I experienced it. My favourite parts of the game were using the lethal shadow strike ability to get around the world, and I got good at using the bow and chaining all the abilities together.

Just wishing for a little more than Uruk Attacks and collecting stuff outside the main story. What I did get was some wonderful memory’s of the gameplay and some Uruk Warchief’s and Captains that were more of a challenge then I thought and made bad words come out of my mouth but ultimately a fun game to play. I would recommend the game.