Squad Conquest Returns To Battlefield 5

Yes, That’s right one of my favourite game modes on Battlefield 5 is coming back to the Battlefield 5 rotation on April 25, 2019, definitely a date for the dairy if you’re a battlefield fan.

So, If you didn’t get a chance to play Squad Conquest last time it was in the rotation I bet you’re wondering what it is?

This mode is a small fast paced 8v8 player match where two teams compete against each other to capture and hold on to three main flags and try and run out the other sides respawn points. There is also access to one tank for each team, supported properly they can dominate and keep the other team pinned down for the duration of the round. (I have seen it happen and experienced it first hand)

Last time Squad Conquest was around, there were only three maps available which were, Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam the maps worked well with Rotterdam being my favourite (My K/D went sky high playing on Rotterdam). The problem was because of the limited number of maps it got repetitive quite quickly, but there are plans for new maps to be added this time around so hopefully, Dice will give us some great new maps and breath a bit of freshness into the mode. I don’t mind waiting just make more, but For now, we just got to stick with the same maps as last time.

The Maps

Arras battlefield 5

Hamada on normal conquest mode is not a map I enjoy playing on, but on Squad Conquest it’s scaled down and plays nicely. I really enjoyed my time playing last time, and I’m looking forward to jumping in and playing a few rounds this time. And just for people who don’t know this mode is free to play.

If you want to experience Squad Conquest on Battlefield 5 Click Here to get your copy and start having loads of fun with this mode.

Metro 2033 Redux Review / Breakdown

So I was getting tired of playing Battlefield 5 I put a solid 120 hours into it and then I was looking for something different, still a shooter but more a single player game not too common to find in 2019. A friend recommend Metro 2033, and it was on the games pass so why not? I got to say what a good recommendation. Before playing Metro 2033, I had never heard of the series and I know I’m a bit late playing this game because it came out in 2010 and we are now in 2019, but I still enjoyed it and was happy I could play the second game straight after the first with no waiting time in between.

metro 2033 redux

Who Made The Game?


4A Games was founded in 2006 by Andrew Prokhorov, Oles Shyshkovtsov, Alexander Maximchuk. Who left GSC Game World and now has two studios with its headquarters in Sliema, Ukraine and the second in Kiev, also in Ukraine.


THQ is no longer around after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy but was founded in 1990 by Jack Friedman and was based in Agoura Hills, California and know for such games as Destroy All Humans, Darksiders and Saints Row.

Deep Silver was founded in 2002 and is a multinational video game developer and publisher based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of German multinational corporation Koch Media. and is best know for games like, the Dead Island series, Saints Row series, and the sequel to Homefront.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems


First-person shooter survival horror.

What Game Engine Does It Run?

The game runs the 4A Engine developed by 4A Games for the Metro Games and is a graphics middleware engine, and it supports Direct3D APIs 9, 10, 11, 12, OpenGL 3.2, along with NVidia’s PhysX, and also NVidia’s 3D Vision.

What’s The Story About?

The story is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky novel Metro 2033 and is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow twenty years after the bombs fell in 2013. You play as Artyom, a 24-year-old male survivor born before the bombs fell and the adopted son of the station commander you survive in the subway tunnels in the northern station of Exhibition and are forced to leave and make your way to Polis, the “capital” of the Metro for help because of an attack by creatures known as The Dark Ones. You have to trek from one station to another and even go on the surface to get there.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

I thought the gameplay was great I played on Spartan mode on normal difficulty and found even with more ammunition and resources I still ran out of ammo quickly. Gas mask filters were not too much of an issue on that mode. The game kept me in almost a constant panic between do I have enough ammo to survive the next attack or am I going to run out of air first. So managing your resources was a must and made me approach each situation, nervously.

Each battle was chaotic and surprising. I quickly realised that the survival part of the game was serious and you couldn’t take on every mutant and sneaking past some enemies was a must and you have to choose your actions wisely and shooting at things that have been put there to scare you was a waste and that probably where all my ammo went lol.

What Type Of Resources Are In The Game?

The resources that are in the game are Ammunition which is also the currency in the game, Gas mask filters and health packs. You can find ammo on dead body’s or buy it from shops in stations. You can find gas mask filters in the game but how many you will see depends on what mode you are playing. Health packs are the same as gas mask filters.

Equipment In The Game

  1. Shotguns, automatic machine guns, pistol. Can all be brought from shops in the game.
  2. Gas masks, if yours gets damaged in combat, you can find new ones laying around or take them of dead bodies.
  3. A flashlight that needs to be charged and the more you charge it, the brighter it gets.
  4. Health packs can be found laying around.
  5. A lighter that you can use to burn cobwebs and doesn’t run out of gas.
  6. A compass to tell you where to go.


This game has a linear story, and there is no real replay value after you have completed it apart from the two different endings and a different mode and difficulty.

A Nice Little Feature

The one thing that stood out for me was the game mechanic of being able to wipe your gas mask when you get covered in blood so that you can see what’s going on and adds a level of immersion to the game that I loved.

Difficulty levels

There are standard difficulty levels like Easy, Normal and Hardcore. Also, there are Three modes:

Survival: has scarce ammo, slower reload, analogue clock, smarter AI.

Spartan: has faster reloads and aiming and more plentiful supplies.

Ranger mode: (DLC) removes HUD and lowers hp of all enemies and you.

Enemy Types

There is a massive amount of mutated creatures for you to kill and be killed by and when you go to the surface, everything wants to eat you.

The other type of enemy is other humans from other warring parties such as the red line Communists and the Nazis.

Is It Single Player Or Multiplayer?

Only single player and no online multiplayer.

How Long Is The Game?

The game is about 10 hours or so.

How Much Is The Game?

This is another game I picked up on the Xbox games pass, but it did come out in 2010, so the price of it now is only £15.99 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and £7.19 for the PC version.

My Thoughts About The Game

Metro 2033 Redux is a fantastic game with a great story, and I had many hours of fun playing it. I know it’s an old game, and you can feel that when you play it now but still a great experience and got me super pumped to play the second one and I would recommend anybody who hasn’t played this game to pick yourself a copy by clicking HERE.

Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Review / Breakdown

So I recently Completed Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor because it’s on the games pass. The games Initial release date was the 30th of September 2014. Shadow of Mordor is an open world action-adventure game with an excellent free-flowing combat system.

So at the moment, the Xbox games pass is helping me catch up with the games I have missed out on over the years. So this is not the only game from the games pass I will be talking about on here. So without any more of my rambling, that’s get to it.

Shadow of Mordor Logo

Who Are The Publishers And Developers of Shadow Of Mordor?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Is the video game division part of warner bros. A company that has been going over 96 years. If you haven’t heard of them where have you been?

Monolith Productions was founded in October 1994 by Brian Goble, Bryan Bouwman, Garrett Price, Paul Renault, Toby Gladwell, Brian Waite, and Jace Hall and is now a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and is known for games like The F.E.A.R series and The Matrix online.

Feral Interactive is a video games developer and publisher for macOS, Linux, and iOS platforms. It was founded in 1996 and is based in London, UK. And handles a lot more of the pc side of things developing and publishing ports of games like the Total war series, Batman: Arkham, Tomb Raider and Xcom: Enemy Unknown.

What Platforms Can I Play It On?

All major platform like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, macOS.

Genre(s) Action-adventure, hack and slash.

What Game Engine Does It Run On?

The game runs the LithTech game engine that was developed by Monolith Productions and has been the basis for several first-person shooter games.

The LithTech engine was made for Microsoft initially, and then Monolith then purchased the rights for themselves and then licensed it to other developers. After the release of Shadow of Mordor Monolith started working on a new type of game engine still based on the LithTech engine for more substantial scale battles and they named it: LithTech: Firebird.

Talion fallen Ranger

What’s The Story About?

You play as the Captain of Gondor, Talion, a former ranger stationed at the Black Gate Of Mordor and are set on a path of revenge after your wife and son are killed in front of you by Saurons Uruks. The game fits in the 60-year gap between the hobbit and the lord of the rings and full of Lord of the Rings lore and makes great use of Gollum. After dying at the hand of the Uruks, You are then merged with a wraith called Celebrimbor who was an elf before becoming a wraith and who ultimately assisted Sauron in forging the One Ring and are spared from death and given wraith powers to exact your revenge.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

The gameplay for Shadow of Mordor is excellent and responsive, and fighting feels amazing just like fighting in the Batman: Arkham games. You can choose to sneak around in the game, and take out enemy’s with stealthy precision or run in and take on the hordes of Uruks waiting for you. The good thing about combat in this game is your never locked into an animation, and every time you press the button to block an incoming attack, it says “No Problem.” and the gory decapitation and stabbing animations are great, and you can feel it.

The Nemesis System
The Nemesis System

The Nemesis system
Is by far the best enemy system I have seen in a game. When an Uruk or a captain kills you, they advance in rank and power and say different things to you depending on if they have killed you before it makes dying mean something and not just waiting for the checkpoint to reload so that you can try it again. The internal power struggle between all Uruks on all levels keeps things fresh but doesn’t happen in reel time but be careful not to die to the same Uruk to many times; otherwise, you will promote him to a high rank. He will then be much harder to defeat, and you will have to leave him alone until the end of the game when you are more powerful and take him out then, I’m speaking from experience.

But one downside of the game is that there is a lot of the same killing Uruk after Uruk and then just collecting stuff towards the end of the game it was a grind to keep playing so that I could complete it. The combat is hard at the beginning, and you feel really underpowered, and you can die quickly if you’re not paying attention to your health. After you unlock a few upgrades fights to start to swing more in your favour and make no mistake, the upgrades are needed and make it much more comfortable to get your sword out and defeat a few Uruks and not hide behind your bow with limited elf shot.

The ability to zip around the map after unlocking the lethal shadow strike ability was an excellent way to move around the world, and I think by far it was my favourite ability in the game. Being able to brand Uruks and get them to fight on your side was a cool mechanic in the game but was not always possible with lots of Uruks around you but trying to turn every one to your team was great fun.

Having the ability to drain the Uruks so that you can recharge your elf shot was a nice touch, and it turns any Uruks you see into a potential elf shot resource and after unlocking the ability to drain while you were in combat made it so much easier to take out enemies that were shooting you from afar.

Resources In The Game

Every time you level up, you get “Ability Points.” which is the game’s currency, and you can spend these points on unlocking upgrades for your character.

There are also herbs that you can pick up to heal you, but you can’t store them on your player for later. By picking up, all the herbs in the world you will also be completing the survival challenges.

Elf Shot is an ability in the game and gives you a limited number of arrows you can fire at the start, but by using the drain ability, it made me look at Uruks more as a resource than an enemy.

The drain ability


Once you have completed this game and done all the side missions. I don’t see a reason to come back and play the game again. In the beginning, it’s fun and at the end your super powerful but if enough Uruks get a couple of good shots in you will die just as quick as you do at the start of the game.

A Nice Little Feature

In this part, I pick out a feature that I liked. I think The Nemesis System was the star of this game and made the game feel more dynamic. Because without this I think the game would have been monotonous and mega repetitive more than it already is.

Difficulty Levels

There is no difficulty that you can set for yourself. I would say it is set to hard because the combat is a thing that punishes you for not being on top of your upgrades and using the right runes to get the best of the things you have and the poison is annoying until you unlock the ability resist poison attacks. Some characters are much harder to take down than others because they are resistant to all type of attacks so finding a way to kill them was a challenge at times but made me use my brain and give me that sweet feeling of accomplishment.

Equipment In the Game

There is not a vast amount of weapons for you to choose from in Shadow Of Mordor. You have your sword, a spirit bow and arrows and throwing daggers. That’s it. I didn’t feel like you needed more weapons because everyone you face is vulnerable one type of attack you are capable of but would have been nice to use something different later on in the game. As you progress in the story and level up, the new ability’s for these weapons unlock, but you don’t get any new weapons you can use the weapons you already have in different ways, work with what you got I guess.

There are a set of runes for each of the three weapons you possess and gives each weapon buffs and depending on the way you kill your nemeses will affect what type of rune that will be dropped. Explore the enemies weaknesses will result in a different rune drop so, for example, Kill an Uruk captain that has a weakness towards your ranged attacks you get a range related rune. You can also combine runes to make you more powerful.

Epic runes
These epic runes are remarkably powerful, and you get them from Uruk Warchiefs or Captains, but there is a list of things you need to do before they drop them, here we go:

  1. Talion must first dominate an Uruk
  2. Then force the Uruk to deliver a death threat to a captain
  3. kill the Captains bodyguards.
  4. kill the Captain, and there is a chance you will get an Epic Rune drop from him.

The way to get an Epic Rune drop from a Warchief

  1. Dominate an Uruk Captain
  2. Use Uruk Captain to send a death threat to Warchief
  3. kill Warchiefs bodyguards
  4. Kill Warcheif more of a chance of an Epic Rune drop

You are more likely to get an Epic Rune drop of a Warchief than a Captain and if the Warchief or Captain has killed you before it increases the chances as well.

There Are Certain Runes That you can only get by either:

  1. Pre-ordering the game.
  2. Completing DLC Orc Warband missions.
  3. Having a WBID account.
  4. buying the Steam Game of the Year edition

Enemy Types

In order of rank, you get the:

Normal Uruks: which are your regular foot soldiers and gets bossed around by the bigger Uruk captains.

Uruk Captains: Keeps the smaller Uruks inline and try’s to outdo other captains through recruitment, duels, feasts and hunts or full-on attacks on other captains to try and increase there rank and power over all the over captains and ultimately become a Warchief.

These are the most powerful unit in the Uruks army and typically have Uruk captain’s as the personal bodyguards once you defeat or brand and turn the warchiefs to your side and then use them to attack other warchiefs is a fun thing to do but also challenging.

There are other creatures in the world that you can run into such as a Drake, Caragors, Ghûls, Graug, Caragath, Morgai Flies and Fell Beast.

upgrades menu

Your Character

In total, you get to unlock 39 upgrades for your character 18 of them are ranger skills and abilities and 21 are a wraith. So by the end of the game, your capabilities and choices to move around the world and defeat your foes are numerous from when you first started, and I think the upgrades come at the right time and make you feel like they make a difference when you unlock them. Because there are some missions that without the upgrades I don’t think I would have been able to complete.

I felt for Talion when they killed his wife an son in front of him at the start of the game it’s gripping and got me hooked straight away. I felt invested in the character from the beginning, and when a game can do that, it’s a great start.


This game is only singleplayer and does not have a multiplayer option, but it does have a tiny bit of multiplayer. If you are online and your friend is connected as well, and you are both playing the game, and you get killed an icon appears on your friends map where you will be able to avenge your friend’s death and murder the Uruk that killed them.

How Long Is it?

The games run time is about 25 hours with the story and side missions, but people on steam are saying they have put in far more time than that into the game with some people putting in 100 + hours.


How Much Is the Game?

Well, Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor came out in 2014, so the price of it now in 2019 is not going to break the bank, and you can pick up on Amazon for £5.99 on the PC, £18.70 for PS4 and £17.99 for Xbox One. Or do what I did and brought the Xbox games pass and get it from there.

My Thoughts About The Game

I thought this game overall was terrific and was a great experience and I spent many hours playing this game it was addictive, and now it’s over, and I’m glad I experienced it. My favourite parts of the game were using the lethal shadow strike ability to get around the world, and I got good at using the bow and chaining all the abilities together.

Just wishing for a little more than Uruk Attacks and collecting stuff outside the main story. What I did get was some wonderful memory’s of the gameplay and some Uruk Warchief’s and Captains that were more of a challenge then I thought and made bad words come out of my mouth but ultimately a fun game to play. I would recommend the game.

World War Z The Game

World War Z the game releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16., published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Saber Interactive. Here is everything you need to know about world war z. The game is a third-person shooter that has been in development for the last three years and was first announced in December 2017 at the game awards.

Who is Saber Interactive?

They are an American video game developer founded in 2001 by Andrey Iones, Matthew Karch and Anton Krupkin and Matthew Karch is the CEO of the company. They have worked on such titles as Halo, Quake Champions, TimeShift to name a few games. They have grown to a company of 450 people spread across four studios and offices and are an independent developer. To be perfectly honest I had never heard about them until this game.

Looks Surprisingly Good.

Usually, when I see a game of a movie, the first thing I think is it’s probably going to be crap, and I am not going to waste my money on that, and I carry on with rest of my day, and usually, I’m right.
BUT this looks different. I watched the trailer, and I was hooked it looks epic and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT. Yes, Saber does carry the license from the popular Paramount Pictures but has said that they are only using it as a way to get the game recognised because they do not have a boatload of cash to put behind a game that nobody has ever heard of.

So, no you will not see Brad Pitt in the game, but they are drawing inspiration from the film, and the book To try and bridge the gap between the two and keep people on both sides happy.

So What Is The Swarm Engine?

So basically when the developers were trying to replicate the fast-moving zombies that are in the film, they couldn’t make any of the current engines handle a screen full of zombies without the graphic’s going down the toilet and making the game run super slow.

So, Saber took it upon themselves to instead built a new engine from the ground up. Which is nice to see they didn’t just use an engine that they modified from something else, and they cared about the gameplay enough to make The Swarm Engine which is purposefully constructed to handle up to 500 zombies on the screen at one time. With this new engine, it gives the zombies a hive mind intelligence allowing them to span gaps and make huge pyramids of zombies as they do in the film with no regard for their wellbeing. They were not too happy to see that Sony was promoting a similar swam like engine in the new title Days Gone.

Is This Going To Be The Next Left 4 Dead?

The developers are fans of left 4 dead games, which I loved and played the hell out of them games. So with no more left 4 dead games in the pipeline, Saber designed each level with a strong focus on team play just like left 4 dead but with a more strategic style of gameplay and less run gun shoot every zombie you see (apart from the witches) type of game.

The developers have said that they want World War Z to be an evolution of left 4 dead games which I have no problem with that what so ever.

So What’s The Game Going To Be Like?

The game is broken down into four episodes which span multiple locations which are: Jerusalem, Moscow, New York and Tokyo with a group of four unique survivors. Each location has three levels that tell the story of how these survivors came together. The campaign is Co-op story-driven More episodes are planned after launch.

Resources in the game.
Saber was not interested in making a scarce resource environment because of the overwhelming number of zombies you will be faced with so instead has gone with a rich resource environment. You can also generate in-game currency by performing well in missions.

So if you are looking for replay value, all equipment drops and obstacles are randomised each playthrough, and they have even recorded four variables of each line of dialogue for the characters to keep the game fresh.

A nice little feature
Which I like is the melee weapons are assigned to the right bumper button, (I think it would be the same on both consoles), and you don’t have to equip it through a weapon inventory menu so that you can keep up with the face-paced gameplay.

Difficulty Levels
They are going to be five difficulty levels. As you get more skilled with the game or you don’t think it is challenging enough as you up the levels, friendly fire becomes more damaging.

Equipment In The Game
There are going to be defence kits and machine gun turrets and mortars to help you deal with the hordes.

Each class has a set of perks, and weapons have a progression path, and new versions of each gun.

Special Enemies Types
They have used their love for left 4 dead to create the special zombies which are:
Lurkers, which pin players to the ground.

Bulls, charge into the group and deal massive damage.

Screamers, attract more enemies to the location.

Hazmats, drop stink bombs that drain health.

Character Classes

gunslinger, classic assault class

The fixer, is a support role

the medic is the healing class

The Hellraiser is a demolitionist

the exterminator is all about crowd control. Is capable of setting traps.

The Slasher is the melee-focused, stealth class


The Online multiplayer
Eight-player competitive multiplayer in five different modes.
These five modes in total covering all the team shooter standards, including king of the hill and team deathmatch.

Also, they are not leaving zombies out of the player vs player modes, so it’s PVP with zombies.


How Much Is The Game?
Now, this is usually the question on peoples minds after the first question, Is it any good? Instead of releasing for £39.99, the game will cost you £34.99 to pre-order on consoles, and pc pre-orders are £31.99 through the Epic Store. If you do pre-order, you will get the Lobo weapons pack on all platforms which include:

  • Lobo Melee Weapon
  • Golden ARK-103 Assault Rifle
  • Golden Keris V10 SMG
  • Golden 1911 Protector

My Thoughts About The Game
If the game can deliver what I have seen in the trailer and is left 4 dead but better, I’m already sold, and I am going to pre-order on Xbox One, and I may even record some gameplay clips to share on Youtube.