Metro 2033 Redux Review / Breakdown

So I was getting tired of playing Battlefield 5 I put a solid 120 hours into it and then I was looking for something different, still a shooter but more a single player game not too common to find in 2019. A friend recommend Metro 2033, and it was on the games pass so why not? I got to say what a good recommendation. Before playing Metro 2033, I had never heard of the series and I know I’m a bit late playing this game because it came out in 2010 and we are now in 2019, but I still enjoyed it and was happy I could play the second game straight after the first with no waiting time in between.

metro 2033 redux

Who Made The Game?


4A Games was founded in 2006 by Andrew Prokhorov, Oles Shyshkovtsov, Alexander Maximchuk. Who left GSC Game World and now has two studios with its headquarters in Sliema, Ukraine and the second in Kiev, also in Ukraine.


THQ is no longer around after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy but was founded in 1990 by Jack Friedman and was based in Agoura Hills, California and know for such games as Destroy All Humans, Darksiders and Saints Row.

Deep Silver was founded in 2002 and is a multinational video game developer and publisher based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of German multinational corporation Koch Media. and is best know for games like, the Dead Island series, Saints Row series, and the sequel to Homefront.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems


First-person shooter survival horror.

What Game Engine Does It Run?

The game runs the 4A Engine developed by 4A Games for the Metro Games and is a graphics middleware engine, and it supports Direct3D APIs 9, 10, 11, 12, OpenGL 3.2, along with NVidia’s PhysX, and also NVidia’s 3D Vision.

What’s The Story About?

The story is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky novel Metro 2033 and is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow twenty years after the bombs fell in 2013. You play as Artyom, a 24-year-old male survivor born before the bombs fell and the adopted son of the station commander you survive in the subway tunnels in the northern station of Exhibition and are forced to leave and make your way to Polis, the “capital” of the Metro for help because of an attack by creatures known as The Dark Ones. You have to trek from one station to another and even go on the surface to get there.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

I thought the gameplay was great I played on Spartan mode on normal difficulty and found even with more ammunition and resources I still ran out of ammo quickly. Gas mask filters were not too much of an issue on that mode. The game kept me in almost a constant panic between do I have enough ammo to survive the next attack or am I going to run out of air first. So managing your resources was a must and made me approach each situation, nervously.

Each battle was chaotic and surprising. I quickly realised that the survival part of the game was serious and you couldn’t take on every mutant and sneaking past some enemies was a must and you have to choose your actions wisely and shooting at things that have been put there to scare you was a waste and that probably where all my ammo went lol.

What Type Of Resources Are In The Game?

The resources that are in the game are Ammunition which is also the currency in the game, Gas mask filters and health packs. You can find ammo on dead body’s or buy it from shops in stations. You can find gas mask filters in the game but how many you will see depends on what mode you are playing. Health packs are the same as gas mask filters.

Equipment In The Game

  1. Shotguns, automatic machine guns, pistol. Can all be brought from shops in the game.
  2. Gas masks, if yours gets damaged in combat, you can find new ones laying around or take them of dead bodies.
  3. A flashlight that needs to be charged and the more you charge it, the brighter it gets.
  4. Health packs can be found laying around.
  5. A lighter that you can use to burn cobwebs and doesn’t run out of gas.
  6. A compass to tell you where to go.


This game has a linear story, and there is no real replay value after you have completed it apart from the two different endings and a different mode and difficulty.

A Nice Little Feature

The one thing that stood out for me was the game mechanic of being able to wipe your gas mask when you get covered in blood so that you can see what’s going on and adds a level of immersion to the game that I loved.

Difficulty levels

There are standard difficulty levels like Easy, Normal and Hardcore. Also, there are Three modes:

Survival: has scarce ammo, slower reload, analogue clock, smarter AI.

Spartan: has faster reloads and aiming and more plentiful supplies.

Ranger mode: (DLC) removes HUD and lowers hp of all enemies and you.

Enemy Types

There is a massive amount of mutated creatures for you to kill and be killed by and when you go to the surface, everything wants to eat you.

The other type of enemy is other humans from other warring parties such as the red line Communists and the Nazis.

Is It Single Player Or Multiplayer?

Only single player and no online multiplayer.

How Long Is The Game?

The game is about 10 hours or so.

How Much Is The Game?

This is another game I picked up on the Xbox games pass, but it did come out in 2010, so the price of it now is only £15.99 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and £7.19 for the PC version.

My Thoughts About The Game

Metro 2033 Redux is a fantastic game with a great story, and I had many hours of fun playing it. I know it’s an old game, and you can feel that when you play it now but still a great experience and got me super pumped to play the second one and I would recommend anybody who hasn’t played this game to pick yourself a copy by clicking HERE.