Squad Conquest Returns To Battlefield 5

Yes, That’s right one of my favourite game modes on Battlefield 5 is coming back to the Battlefield 5 rotation on April 25, 2019, definitely a date for the dairy if you’re a battlefield fan.

So, If you didn’t get a chance to play Squad Conquest last time it was in the rotation I bet you’re wondering what it is?

This mode is a small fast paced 8v8 player match where two teams compete against each other to capture and hold on to three main flags and try and run out the other sides respawn points. There is also access to one tank for each team, supported properly they can dominate and keep the other team pinned down for the duration of the round. (I have seen it happen and experienced it first hand)

Last time Squad Conquest was around, there were only three maps available which were, Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam the maps worked well with Rotterdam being my favourite (My K/D went sky high playing on Rotterdam). The problem was because of the limited number of maps it got repetitive quite quickly, but there are plans for new maps to be added this time around so hopefully, Dice will give us some great new maps and breath a bit of freshness into the mode. I don’t mind waiting just make more, but For now, we just got to stick with the same maps as last time.

The Maps

Arras battlefield 5

Hamada on normal conquest mode is not a map I enjoy playing on, but on Squad Conquest it’s scaled down and plays nicely. I really enjoyed my time playing last time, and I’m looking forward to jumping in and playing a few rounds this time. And just for people who don’t know this mode is free to play.

If you want to experience Squad Conquest on Battlefield 5 Click Here to get your copy and start having loads of fun with this mode.

Metro Last Light Review / Breakdown

So after playing metro 2033, I was pumped and was looking forward to playing more of the metro series. So that’s exactly what I did. Metro Last Light released in 2013 and still enjoyable to play in 2019, so that gets into it.

Metro last light logo

Who Made The Game?


4A Games was founded in 2006 by Andrew Prokhorov, Oles Shyshkovtsov, Alexander Maximchuk. Who left GSC Game World and now has two studios with its headquarters in Sliema, Ukraine and the second in Kiev, also in Ukraine.


Deep Silver was founded in 2002 and is a multinational video game developer and publisher based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of German multinational corporation Koch Media. And is best known for games like the Dead Island series, Saints Row series, and the sequel to Homefront.

What platform is it on?

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One


First-person shooter survival horror.

What Game Engine Does It Run?

The game runs the 4A Engine developed by 4A Games for the Metro Games and is a graphics middleware engine, and it supports Direct3D APIs 9, 10, 11, 12, OpenGL 3.2, along with NVidia’s PhysX, and also NVidia’s 3D Vision.

What’s The Story About?

Metro Last Light takes place in 2034 one year later after the events of the first game and is a direct sequel to Metro 2033. The story takes off from the missile strike at the end of the first game. You play as Artyom now a ranger and struggling with the decision of killing The Dark Ones. You find out that there is a single Dark One still left alive. And are sent on a mission to eliminate it and finish this thing once and for all. But it doesn’t go to plan. (Trying not to give to much away)

You learn more about the Dark Ones in Last Light and understand what Artyom’s role is and why they can speak to him. You also learn more about other factions within the metro and feels like a real world with lots of things going on.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

The gameplay is the same as Metro 2033 just with added improvements to gameplay mechanics and introduces elements such as weapon customisation. One thing that is critical in Metro games is scavenging, and with areas in Last Light being bigger than Metro 2033 there is more to explore.

There are many different ways that the game pulls you into the world and adds that level of immersion that I am always looking for. Diary entries, written by Artyom himself make the world seem more significant and more vast and the freedom to utilise different tactics to combat enemies that you don’t feel like your being restricted.

Stealth in this game is funny because as long as you are in the shadows. The human enemies have no clue where you are, even if you are standing in front of them or just run around the corner, shadows are your friends but as soon as you put one toe in the light area’s they are on you without hesitation. So turning off oil lamps and light bulbs is an obligation if you want to make it through some areas without firing a shot.

What Type Of Resources Are In The Game?

The resources haven’t changed from Metro 2033, and you still got your trusty lighter to burn them cobwebs away and a wind-up torch for seeing where you’re going, and ammunition is still the currency of the game, and the quest for gas mask filters and health packs continues.

Equipment In The Game

  1. Shotguns, automatic machine guns, a pistol and a rifle. Can all be brought from shops in the game.
  2. Gas masks, if yours gets damaged in combat, you can find new ones laying around or take them of dead bodies.
  3. A flashlight that needs to be charged and the more you charge it, the brighter it gets.
  4. Health packs can be found laying around.
  5. A lighter that you can use to burn cobwebs and doesn’t run out of gas.
  6. throwing knives, claymores, incendiary grenades, and hand grenades also a compass to tell you where to go.

The customisation of weapons is functional doesn’t have a whole lot to choose from but the things you can attach to your weapons works and doesn’t make the guns to powerful.


The only replay value in this game is two different endings and playing the game on a harder difficulty level on a different mode.

A Nice Little Feature

Nothing stood out for me in this game don’t get me, wrong I loved the game, but it was more of the same which I enjoyed but nothing groundbreaking. I still think that being able to wipe the dirt and blood off of your mask is the best little detail of the metro series so far.

Difficulty Levels

There are standard difficulty levels like Easy, Normal and Hardcore. Also, there are Three modes:

Survival: has scarce ammo, slower reload, analogue clock, smarter AI.

Spartan: has faster reloads and aiming and more plentiful supplies.

Ranger mode: (DLC) removes HUD and lowers hp of all enemies and you.

Enemy Types

There is no shortage of mutants for you to kill in this game and even a few new ones that don’t appear in metro 2033 if i am not mistaken.

If you are not fighting mutants, then you will spend the rest of your time either being captured by or fighting Red Line and the Fourth Reich who are the two main forces in the game.

Is It Single Player Or Multiplayer?

Only single player. With NO multiplayer option.

How Long Is The Game?

9h 49m for the main story and much more if you try out the different modes and difficulties.

How Much Is The Game?

£15.99 on PS4, Xbox One and £ 7.45 for PC, it’s Not going to break the bank, and I think £15.99 for a game that came out in 2013 isn’t a bad price.

My Thoughts About The Game

I enjoyed the stealth in Last Light way more than I did in Metro 2033, but the gameplay was still amazing in both games. Maybe it was me, but I found that there were more surface levels which I found more challenging because of the gas mask filters giving me hardly any time on them maybe just my luck. (I hate them gas mask filters lol) but enjoyed the game but didn’t get that same buzzy I got when I completed the first one, but I did love the part near the end of last light where you have to defend D6 in an all-out attack. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY

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