Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription Service


It seems to me every big company these days is taking a stab at there version of gaming subscription service because they don’t want to be left out and every company seems to be following the trend after Microsoft has done their games pass. At its March 25th “It’s Showtime” event Apple announced a foray into game subscriptions and here’s what I know.

Apple Arcade will bundle over 100 new and exclusive games. All of the games will be ad-free and will not include any in-app purchases. These games are not going to be triple AAA games like you will get on the other gaming platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and PC they are not going to be using cutting edge graphics but the graphics are not going to be poor quality either.

Apple says these games will be high quality with a focus on simplicity and exclusivity and will be family-friendly across the board. They also believe that with Apple Arcade there will be a significant number of games that will only be made because of this platform.

Apple Arcade will help solve the problem of discovering high-quality games which is a problem on the app store because of the size of it and how many crap mobile games there is out there.

When Will It Be Released And How Much Is It?

The three burning questions on my mind when a new service comes out is, does it look any good? When’s it out? And how much is it going to cost me?, if I do decide I want it. The details are fuzzy when it comes to answering those questions but what I do know is it’ll launch sometime this
Autumn in over 150 regions, and there has not been a price announced yet. And if you are an arcade game fan, then it might appeal to you because of the promised high-quality games that you can’t play anywhere else.

But like google stadia they don’t want to be too greedy because there is a lot of competition from other gaming subscription services.

Who’s On Board

Apple has signed deals with the likes of Disney, Gameloft, SEGA, LEGO, and Konami for the bundle. And has got some highly regarded game developers such as Hironobu Sakaguchi and Ken Wong to get them off to a strong start.

How Are They Different?

You always want to know (What Make You Different?) and the difference is I guess apple arcade will not be a streaming service and will not be a standalone app but will have its tab along the bottom bar of the App Store app alongside the general Games tab. And each subscription supports Family Share, allowing up to six people to play on the same account). Their games will be downloadable for offline play unlike google stadia, which is good news for people with a poor internet connection.

A Cool Little Feature I like.

Apple Arcade will be playable across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. But the thing I think is cool is that you can access your game you were playing on your Ipad and carry on that same game on your iPhone without having to start the game from scratch so all devices are linked and it doesn’t matter where you start a game or even finish a game.

Is There A Controller

With google stadia bringing its controller out that looks surprisingly like the PS4 controller. Apple specifically says “many games will offer support for game controllers. I don’t think it will be their primary focus.

The Games That Have Been Confirmed So Far Are?

The Artful Escape
Atone: Heart Of The Elder Tree
Beyond A Steel Sky
The Bradwell Conspiracy
Doomsday Vault
Down in Bermuda
Enter The Construct
Frogger In Toy Town
Hot Lava
Kings Of The Castle
LEGO Arthouse / LEGO Brawls
Mr. Turtle
No Way Home
Oceanhorn 2: Knights Of The Lost Realm
The Pathless
Projection: First Light
Sayonara Wild Hearts
Shantae 5
Sneaky Sasquatch
Team Sonic Racing
UFO On Tape: First Contact
Where Cards Fall
Winding Worlds

My Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of arcade style / retro games and want more high-quality mobile games experience and have not brought a Nintendo switch, then it might be worth a look. Personally, I am not a big mobile gamer and will not be using the service. But might be great for people who are addicted to mobile games or want an arcade / retro game fix. The only downside I can think of is that if you are only interested in one or two games, you still have to sign up for the full service because the games included in Apple Arcade will not be available outside of the bundle.