X Rocker Gaming Chair Review

So I recently brought the x rocker gaming chair after my last chair would no longer adjust in height and all the black leather effect was peeling off. I had the chair for a few years, and it served me well R.I.P, but it wasn’t a gaming chair, so I thought it was time for an upgrade I had always wanted a gaming chair but always thought they were overpriced for a chair after all how much better are they?

But I needed a chair, so I looked for a stylish but practical gaming chair that wasn’t going to bankrupt me. So after a day of searching, I decided on the x rocker gaming chair from Argos it was a £130.

So I drove to the store to pick it up luckily it was in stock. I picked up a friend on my way home, and as soon as I got back my friend and I unboxed it and made sure that we had all the pieces and then we started to assemble it.

I started to attach the arms of the chair with the Allen key with a flat head screwdriver on the end which came with the chair. Bits of the material covered the holes where the bolts were meant to go, so I had to put a lot of force to get the bolts to go in correctly.

My friend put together the base of the chair while I was fixing the arms to the chair. The hardest part was putting the back on I had to get my friend to hold the back of the chair while I tried to line up the holes and then force the bolts in and get them to screw in because the material was partly covering the holes on the side of the chair as well.

After we did that, we attached the lower back cushion and the neck support cushion and then attached it to the base, and we finished up by just putting in a few little screws to put the side covers on, and the job was done. If you do buy this chair make sure you get someone to help you put the back on otherwise you are going to struggle I’m lucky my friend was with me.

The Things I Like About The Chair.

  1. It looks cool with the racing style.
  2. The adjustable arms move up and down but also move in so that you can rest your arms if you are in the heat of an intense game, the best part about the chair I think.
  3. The Adjustable backrest.
  4. the leather and stitching is nice and feels good quality.

The Things I Don’t Like About The Chair.

  1. Assembly was made harder by the material not cut away properly from the bolt holes.
  2. The bottom part of the chair where you put your butt isn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be, it’s very firm but again not a huge deal I’m used to a softer chair, and it comes down to personal preference, and the chair will change over time.

So my final word about the chair is it’s good all round product I am happy with what I got for the money I spent. It is much better than my old chair, make sure you have someone to help you with the tricky bit and should last me for few more years.

If You want to take a look at the chair this is not an affiliate link and i have not been paid to do this review CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CHAIR.


The Console Killer Is Coming – Google Stadia

Yes, according to google the next generation of gaming is not a box; it’s any device that can run the Chrome browser.

The behemoth that is Google is taking a stab at the gaming market and is looking to shake things up with there Stadia platform and get Microsoft and Sony Worried and maybe even loosen there grip on the world of gaming.

So What Makes Stadia Different.

The real thing that sets stadia apart from other gaming platforms is there is not going to be any physical hardware that you will have to buy. It will be a streaming service for all your triple-A games, and they handle all the hardware requirements and stream you the 4k 60fps seamlessly to your device.

Well, that’s what’s meant to happen, there is not an enormous amount of detail about stadia. Like the big question, how much is it going to cost? But there is a controller which looks a lot like the ps4 controller just white, and the buttons are named different things but basically do the same things as any other gaming controller. It must be a winning design for Google to copy Sony.

Google Stadia Controller

Two features that interest me

The google assistant and Youtube integration. From the trailer, if you are stuck on a part of the game that you can’t seem to figure out, then you can ask the google assistant without leaving the game and it will show you How to get a particular item or escape a room and find out what you need to know and then carry on with the game, sounds to good to be true, but if it works like they said it would be amazing. And it could be a reason why people use the platform over others.

The other feature is the heavy Youtube integration with a button on the stadia controller that can send game clips straight to Youtube. And if you are live streaming a game and your viewers decide the game looks good and want to play it they can jump right in from the point they were watching from and will not have to start from the beginning. That’s cool AS HELL !!! You can watch the trailer here.

Netflix is more than a company name.

It feels like the word Netflix means more than just a company name these days, as you hear the term Netflix of games thrown around all over the place and people are wanting a vast selection of content for a low monthly price. It will be interesting to find out the price point of stadia because Google needs to be very careful not to price themselves out of the market because the Xbox one games pass is only £7.99 a month and the Playstation now service is £12.99 per month.

The lag could suck the fun out of it.

Lag is the worst thing in a game end of conversation, Nah only joking but it sucks BIG TIME and is the enemy of the gamer, and there is massive concern that stadia will not live up to the promise of seamless gaming on any device. People that played on the stadia platform demo at the (Game Developers Conference) GDC say that the lag was noticeable when playing the faster-paced doom and resulted in a few unwanted deaths but wasn’t noticeable when playing the slower assassins creed odyssey game. Google has there work cut out for them to bring a smooth, fast-paced shooter to the platform.

Only time will tell when Google stadia will be released this year 2019, and when I know more and tried it out for myself, I will give you an update.