Hi and welcome to Rapid Spark Gaming. My name is Steven Schofield, and I’m the creator of this site. Ever since of was very young, I have loved games, whether it be board games, pc games, Moblie games, PlayStation or Xbox. I have enjoyed playing them in whatever shape or form they come in.

I have a passion for gaming, and that’s what this site is going to be about my love and experiences and the high’s and low’s of my playthroughs and my likes and dislikes — also, some video game news on somethings going on in the world of gaming.

So again welcome to Rapid Spark Gaming and if you have a passion for video games like I do Add me on Xbox One (rapid spark1764) and we can play a few games. Sorry to people on playstation you can’t add me not because i don’t like them but because i don’t have one I hope you enjoy the content that this site has to offer.

Also as a way to support this site, I will be using some links that if you click on them and go through and purchase a game or something I have recommended, I will get a small percentage of the sale, which will help me out with costs of running the site. If you don’t click on any of the links no hard feeling you can still enjoy the content the site has to offer no pressure.

Steven Schofield